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Why List Now?

Get the scoop in our first installment of Barrows REAL talk.

Pros & Cons of FSBO

Ready to sell? Trust us you don’t want to do our job… Get the facts on For Sale By Owner (FSBO) listings from Jenn Barrows.

Multiple Offers

What happens when you find your dream house in this competitive market? What can you do to be sure your offer stands out?

Is the Market Hot?

The market is hot that’s for sure. Hear all about from Brian Barrows. It’s a great time to sell as we are setting some all time highs for our sellers.
The rates are still low making great opportunities for our buyers as well.

Why Local Lenders Matter

Not all lenders are created equal. Hear from Brian about why you should work with a local lender.
We have many great local lender partners that we can recommend.

Choosing an Agent

In this fast pace and ever changing market – Who you work with matters! We are having more and more success with matching buyers with sellers
wishing to sell once our buyers share their wish list and criteria with us! Just last week we ratified two contracts with this situation. Our sellers are happy they
don’t have to deal with showings and complications and our buyers are so excited about their new homes that they were lucky enough to learn about
after searching the current inventory and finding nothing that suited.

Hidden Inventory

It is never too early for you to share your wish list with us when it comes to finding your perfect home.
Hear all about that and HIDDEN INVENTORY with Jenn Barrows.

Sellers Set Market Price

Setting the price of your home in this market is very important.
We are here to help you with that and every step of getting your home sold.
Let us put our strategies to work for you!

Buying a Home that is New Construction

There are so many amazing new opportunities in new construction communities throughout Coastal Delaware.
We can help you navigate the process. Hear from Jenn Barrows about why you will want to have our team on your side when purchasing new construction.

What to Expect When Buying a Home

Thinking of buying a home this year? Hear all the processes from Jenn Barrows.

Market Update October 2021

Yes.. the market is still hot but there’s more. Hear all about inventory and what’s happening to make it great to sell and buy it in today’s Barrows Real Talk!

Is the Market Here To Stay

Is the seller’s market here to stay? Hear what Jenn Barrows has to say about this.

Jumbo Loan

Hear all about JUMBO loans and how they can work for you from Brian in this week’s Barrows Real Talk.